what is the best site to download free mp music without viruses? (Kazza, etc)?

I want to download free music from a secure (virus free) site. Could someone please recommend the best, quickest and a site that has the most variety. Thank you!

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  • >> check it out


  • I always download free music online with a website http://mpbag.org/

    It’s fast and extremely easy to use. Furthermore, it is absolutely legal. This site always has the music I need to listen or download. By the way, they also have playlist feature for registered members.

    The site is http://mpbag.org/

    Best regards!

  • Sorry Ive have used blubster,soul seek,frostwire,lime wire,and about any other pp fileshare you can think of ALL Had virus problems i just learned the average song size is usually between – kb in size and avoid ones that look off, like kb = virus, and i very rarely have any trouble but if i do my antivirus usually catches and resolves automaticily

    Source(s): personal experiance

  • Try cheapmpdownloads to download music it’s safe and virus free…

    Go to this site…

    Source(s): http://www.cheapmpdownloads.info/

  • The most popular and safe site to download free mp is http://musicxposure.com/

    It’s the demo site for xmedia mp search engine script so they keep it really safe for their users.

  • Not exactly a site, but the free ones I use are utorrent and limewire. I do limewire for specific songs and utorrent for full albums.

    utorrent is pretty fast, but then again so is limewire, just depending on how fast whoever you’re getting the files from are allowing to be uploaded.

  • there is a good website, you can free search and download free music from here:

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    Hope it can help you.

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