MS XP Home. I have reformatted PC’s with XP Home, I was not asked to enter the Product Code?

Both PC’s loaded OK. It wasn’t till I had to Validate that the PC’s said Illegal Copy. I then found that both PC’s had the SAME product code.

I know XP Pro does not have a code built in, but does Home?


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  • Both Pro and Home requires a product code to be inserted, or at least validated, when installed.

    The after the SP update patch, you no longer had to insert the product code. It is built into the disk, and when you validate, Microsoft checks the code and it passes the validation.

    If you try and validate two identical installations, Microsoft will detect instances of the OS and fail the validation. You are only allowed one installation at a time.

    You need to remove XP from one of the PC’s and then call Microsoft up about this issue.

  • you cant have xp home running on computers at the same time from the same cd, thats why its saying illegal, you only can install it on one computer, your allowed different computers, but like i say you only can run it on one, you will have to format the harddrive on one of the computers

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