what is the name of a book about a girl named Rain, who has a pet bear?

There was this book I read in th grade that was REALLY good, but I want to read it again. Sad part is, I can’t remember the title or author to save my life. But I remember some key details about it, so someone else must know what it’s called. It’s about this girl named Rain, who lives in a tribe of all women warriors. A tradition of the strongest women is to cut off one of their breasts. Rain also has an animal companion, a bear (pretty sure it was a polar bear) but I forgot her name. She finds a baby boy, and she can’t bring herself to leave him stranded out in the wilderness, or kill him– but her tribe will not accept him, either. Her mother in particular loathes men because she was gang-raped by many men, which is how she gave birth to Rain. She named her that because at the time, her daughter was a symbol of her sorrows. In the end Rain finds the baby boy a good home with another tribe consisted of both men and women, and Rain stops resenting her mother for never loving her.

Like I said, REALLY good book :’) and I want to read it again so bad, to have a better experience reading it for the second time. Can someone please tell me what it’s called?? I’d really appreciate it 🙂


@Catherine: is that a joke…? there is never a bear mentioned in the Hunger Games. and there is no one named Rain. I’ve read that about three or four times this year… silly goose 😛

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Update :

yes! thanks Miranda 🙂 that’s what i was looking for. I never would’ve guessed that title without help haha

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  • It’s called “The Foretelling” by Alice Hoffman (Amazon link below). The bear’s name was Usha. If that’s the book, it’s quite fantastic, but more brutal than I would normally recommend anyone younger than the age you likely read it – or .

    Source(s): http://www.amazon.com/The-Foretelling-Alice-Hoffma…

  • The Hunger Games

    by Suzanne Collins

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