what is the purpose of literature?

what is the purpose of literature?

i have to explain in a presentation to my class, i know everyone else has just wikipedia’d it so i’d like some alternatives. give me websites, or your own views?

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  • There’s a wonderful quote from the film ‘Shadowlands’ that sticks in mind, said in the film by C.S. Lewis (though I’ve no idea if he said it in reality): “We read to know we are not alone.” I’d pursue that line of thought if I were you (and watch the film if you can get hold of a copy – it’s a bit of a weepy, but it’s a damn fine film for all that and has a fair chunk of Lewis in his role as Cambridge literature boffin discussing questions like yours with students, though that’s not what the film’s about). Whatever other purposes it may be put to, literature is fundamentally about communication. The basic purpose of literature is for me the writer to share my ideas and insights with you the reader; or for me the reader to step out of my head for a moment and see the world the way you the writer do.

  • Literature is the art of the written word. Literature, as an art form is meant to entertain, educate, edify and challenge us in a wide variety of ways. Think of the several ways that literature affects us (I think the that I mentioned are pretty good) and build your presentation around them. These are just my thoughts on what the purpose is. Good luck on your project.

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  • Entertainment, Expression, there are SO many reasons it’s tough to go into, once you get started it shouldn’t be too hard to think of some. Also consider the purpose over the ages 😉 that should give you a slightly different view.

  • I appeared up the definition of literature and what it ability, yet i do no longer think of that’s what you’re searching for. For me, literature ability being waiting to study the works of authors and poets and understand what they are attempting to declare with the aid of their words. being waiting to be sure a tale for the duration of the author’s eyes. Literature is important to us all using fact we are in a position to check approximately one yet another’s cultures, races and religions.

  • diemundz,

    In a word literature is for the purpose of communication.

  • To pass on stories, to explain the world around you, to escape. These are just to add to the many other definitions others have given you.

  • To explore the human condition and make a contribution to the advancement towards truth.

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