What is your ethnicity and where are you from?


I am English and Norwegian and from New Brunswick.

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  • my mom was and egg and my dad was a sperm. They met in the normal manner. I made a grand entrance.

    The egg was mostly German with some English; the sperm was Italian

  • / Norwegian, / Cherokee, / Western Eurpoean and I live in Washington (state)

  • Brotha Bone

    From Richmond Californ I A

  • / Dutch, / Kenian and / Somali

  • Caucasion born in Detroit. A mixed breed-German. English, Spanish, Irish, Indian, French, etc. etc.

  • Connecticut, United States

    My ethnic background is British, Welsh, Irish, Scot, French & Swiss.

  • Cape Verdean. Born in the States, but my Grandparents came to the States when they were young from the Cape Verde Islands.

  • British- American Los Angeles

  • I am African American (/) and Caucasian (/). I am located in Minnesota (USA). There are too many countries on each side to list, so i just summarized them all under those two cultures.

  • I am, an Anglo-Indian, born in India. My ancestors are Irish and Portugese. I know what a combo in India.

    Well, they were Britishers,who were left back then.

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