What paranormal activity have you experienced?


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  • I experienced one moment where I saw a figure go through my wall, it was a human form dressed in white… I’ll never forget that.

  • I woke up one night and there was a lighter over my leg burning it… I still have the scar, I will never forget the burning sensation and the levitating lighter…

  • Never experienced it before.

  • The scariest thing I saw was my parents making love, horrific vision

  • One time I walked into my house after work and my tv turned on by itself. I dropped my stuff and ran outside, but then I heard somebody laughing. Turns out my roommate was just screwing with me. F*** him, he scared the s*** out of me

  • Yeah sure, one day we got back home and something didn’t feel right, like somebody was in the house with us. Anyway, we put the shopping away and some things were out of place. I realized something was happening when I was making the dinner and the knife that was on the side had disappeared when i turned around. Ever since that, we have been hearing weird dragging noises, things like lights and tv’s have turned on by themselves and when you go into the kitchen, it feels and sounds as if someone is breathing over your shoulder. It still happens now.

  • We bought a 200+ year old house in New England, and soon discovered it was haunted. We’d frequently hear a baby crying in the house. It would stop when we’d go look, but start again on another day or night.

    On several occasions, we had guests staying who would appear in the morning, and ask if we’d heard a baby crying. These were people who had no way of knowing we had been hearing a baby; they heard it anyway.

    The house was on a five acre lot, too far from other houses to be hearing the neighbors. It was definitely iNSIDE the house, and it wasn’t a pet or a child – believe me we checked.

    We just lived with it, and after a few years didn’t notice it any more.

    The house had a few other freaky things too – footsteps across the floor of the bedroom above the living room many mornings, with a closet door open afterwards… a glowing cat appearing in the barn occasionally… I could go on.

    I loved that house, and was sorry to leave it and New England.

  • My bedroom door opening and closing by itself and then seeing a black shadow move from it.

  • It was back in 1984, during the Lebanese Civil War, and during all the chaos, a building was left abandoned and never returned too, it is said that the second floor was for some secret origination . In 2006, I decided to go up the building to check it out with a bunch of friends. We saw an old desk, and a closed drawer. We tried to open drawer, and it just wouldn’t open, till we got an Axe and started chopping it off. It was known there was something mysterious about the entire place, and as we got close to chop the table and open the drawer, we saw a figure that moved past the corridor and we heard the door shut tight. We fled and never returned.

    True Story

  • When I was a kid (from about 9 until I moved out at 19), I was positive (and still am) that our house had some sort of presence in it. I frequently saw things that couldn’t possibly have been real (like Frankenstein’s monster standing in my bedroom doorway, my long-passed-on cat walking past the bathroom door in the same hall, a young boy made of light standing/floating near my bed). The scariest experience, though, which happened more than once, had to do with my bathroom mirror. It was one of those full-wall types mounted above a long counter with two sinks. The toilet and bath/shower were in a separate little room that opened off the main area with the sinks/counter. Several times, I walked out of the smaller room only to have the mirror sort of go dark, with just a light emanating from the center. It was visible just out of the corner of my eye as I was walking to the exit door, and this sense of utter terror would overwhelm me, so that I couldn’t look straight on at the mirror. Not only that, I just wanted to get as far from the bathroom as I could, as quickly as possible. Or, at least, my feet did. Without thinking, I’d run out, and quickly find myself at the other end of the house before I could stop or look back, via a straight path that led through the hall, past the entryway/living room and kitchen, and into the casual dining area/family room 25-30 yards away.

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    Personal experience.

  • My mother just took a picture of herself….lik 2 weeks ago. She actually took 3. back-to-back. The last one you see a face….the man is taller then her, and holding a dog. She think it might be her fathers dead brother…..

  • I experienced 1 moment where I heard footsteps,watched T.V.shows and heard them . I do believe in them and i saw my relatives fridge open when none was their .

  • 1) Had a ghost of a 5 year old girl in my home in Maine. She wasn’t very scary, just lonesome.
    2) Had an angel visit my mother while I was near death in the hospital. “Fear Not!”
    3) Had the ghost of my wife make a short visit immediately after she passed away. She was kind, too.


  • I have experienced a lot of paranormal activity in my life, but I will tell you about the scariest one I’ve ever had. This was about two years ago. One night I woke up in the middle of the night, and when I opened my eyes this huge shadow hand THING was in my face. It wasn’t solid, it was transparent but had a shadowy quality to it, if that makes sense. The long fingers were outstretched in front of me like it was about to grab my face. I went into full panic mode! I’m still not sure how I moved that fast but in a flash I was sitting straight up and with my back pushed against the headboard. By that time it had disappeared. My first thought was, “Okay, that was weird but I just woke up so I’m sure I imagined it.” I lay back down, heart still racing, but decided that surely it was just because I was not fully awake at that time. I lay there for probably another minute or so with my eyes closed. I opened my eyes again and saw this shadow (not a hand this time, just like a long dark streak) move up the wall behind my night light, shoot across the ceiling and fly out the window. I just about peed my pants. I have never been so freaked out in my entire life. I jumped up and turned my bedside lamp on, tried to catch my breath for a few minutes and then prayed and prayed until I eventually just fell back asleep. Haven’t seen it since. I have never experienced anything that scary and I’ve lived in a couple of “haunted” houses before. It was the first and only thing that ever happened to me in that particular apartment (don’t live there now), and I’ve slept with the TV on every single night since then and have a flashlight next to my bed in case it comes back.

  • Me and my family heard someone walking on the roof more than once and it wasn’t cats or raccoons. Things would fall off of shelves for no reason. Pictures always seemed to become tilted. Some family members felt like they were touched by unseen beings. Many photos showed orbs. The TV would change channels and it had no remote control.

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    All of these experiences have natural explanations but there was definitely a vibe in that house that was creepy. I’m convinced that something lived there besides us.

  • i once seen a ghost cat jump off a 5 story building i was on the ground floor i saw that cat on the ledge and it laid down rolled over and fell i was not even 2 feet away from were it was suppose to fall nothing was there. There were no ledges for it to grab on too nothing just a balcony at the top. Straight fall down no railings nothing to this day i try and explain it rationally because i saw it fall but it just vanished before it hit the ground. I did not know the lady well enough to ask if one of her cats died like that.

  • Nothing personally, but I believe in paranormal activity. So many people have seen so many things, it must be something more than “natural phenomena” or a coinsurance. We are haunted by actions that have happened in the past. The memory of some events is frightening enough. Maybe our spirits will live on after death. I believe.

  • When we were kids, a friend of mine spoke to me about a mansion which was in ruins, about 10 miles from home. I had never heard of it, we never spoke about it, and my dad didn’t know about it – and he was a traveling salesman!

    On a bleak Saturday evening, my friend and I set out on our dirt bikes, and rode to this place. It was truly deserted, decrepit, and in ruins. From the looks of it, it was evident that no human had set foot in that place in a very long time.

    So we went around this place, looking at the high walls around it, and reached the back entrance. The entrance was broken down, termites had taken ownership of the wooden gate, and it was dark. We brushed aside all the grass [which was, by the way, almost as tall as I was], and went in.

    Bats flew out of the broken windows. We could perceive the distinct, overwhelming smell of dust, which could only be found in places where people had never lived in a very long time.

    Since we had entered the backside of the mansion, we entered, what I thought, was the servants’ quarters. There was no furniture, no lights, and no doors in this place where we entered.

    We crossed 3 rooms. An eerie, creepy silence engulfed us, only to be rarely broken by the screeching of an unknown bird or two, outside, or the whirring of insects in the bushes around, the wind howling between the trees and the hollows in them, in the back-drop.

    And this was the moment when we entered the next room. It was dark. The smell here was different. As we stood there, wondering if we should proceed, or leave, we thought we heard a faint murmur – which was almost like someone was in pain. We froze in our tracks, my heart thumping like the wings of a bird being chased by an eagle.

    The next thing I remember, is my friend running to the exit, and I, following him, my heart in my mouth, and my knees growing weaker by the moment. The flight – fright – hormone didn’t give us the courage to fight whatever was in pain in that dark room.

    Years later, in the 70s, I happened to read an article in the paper, about an isolated, desolate place in the woods where the police had cracked in on a group of negative elements, but I didn’t know if it was the same place. If it was, could the heavy breathing we heard in that room be explained?

    My friend had left to join the military, so he wasn’t around to help me with this story.

    When I think about it after all these years, I wonder if I should have mustered courage to confirm what it was. What if that was a person who needed help?

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    I would never know.

  • The other night I woke up and there was a figure standing over me. I still don’t know what it was but I’m pretty sure it was a ghost

  • I was at a friend’s house once and it was after midnight. He and I were just hanging out and talking, when he looked into his backyard and saw someone sitting out there on an old stump. We turned off the lights in the house and looked through the blinds again, and still saw the person. We couldn’t make out a face, or clothing, but just a silhouette of a tall, lanky, man in a hunched sitting position. We were pretty breathless. My friend motioned to get his father, when suddenly the figure sprung up and darted across the yard and over a fence in one swift motion. To this day, I don’t know how it moved that fast.

  • I used to hear dishes moving in the kitchen when I was a kid at night.
    Also I’ve seen my doors swing open with no wind or any other thing making it open.

  • Was taking photos of myself in a cemetery with a digital cam.
    4 shots in, I snapped a 5th shot. The 5th showed a big bright ball in front of me, big enough that it filled the whole shot. Next 2 shots didn’t have the ball. 3rd shot did.
    Stupidly I erased the 2 ‘bad’ shots, not realizing that “hello! You just caught an orb on film!!”

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    Not really.

    Does the hysterical couple next door count?

    Does TV count?

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    There is only nature, and nature cannot transcend itself and become ‘supernatural’.

    What we didn’t understand once upon a time now we do, and what is a mystery today will very likely become known at some future point.

    The idea of ghosts and haunted houses are cool, but has anything valid actually been recorded? There are a few skeptic sites that will pay big bucks for anything verifiable.

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    I haven’t….being mostly atheist I believe in a “soul” (I’m talking an orb not of human form.) I just kind of doubt ghosts though. Just because a lot of people claim something is real doesn’t mean it is…like religion. I actually am open to ghosts being a possibility though only because of my sister telling me about her experience. My sister has no reason to lie to me. However I think she could have just been dreaming or something….I dunno. I believe the fact she thinks she saw something. I don’t 100% believe she actually did see something. All possibilities, but I think possessions and demons are 100% made up.

    **actually something weird that happened to me that still doesn’t conform anything….I downloaded this app for laughs seeing how “realistic” it was at picking up ghost signature on my phone….sat on my bed for a few mins then an icon flashed on my phone saying “pan” literally had a pan on the shelf by my bed. It even showed a blip accurately of where the pan was on the map. Got a new phone and moved then downloaded it again and it just said random things so that kind of made me become eh about it. Really strange though even if the app was meant for entertainment and wasn’t supposed to be anything “real”….

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    I had sex with a ghost once…

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    There is no such activity that exists. Any theory, “video footage”, bogus story can be dis-proven with a logical explanation. Nothing like that exists. You guys have been watching too many movies.

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    A poop stain on a couch in a hotel o_e

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    When I was 8, i saw blue figures of my mom, brother, and uncle all had pure, bright white eyes!

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    The only paranormal thing, I have witnesses, is the scaryness of grown people believing in this stuff.

    GROW UP.

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