WhAt ShOuLd I nAmE mY cHaRaCtErS?


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    Naming a character should feel like a parent naming their children. You wouldn’t give that task to anyone else (least of all strangers). I’m guessing you don’t feel that strongly about your story.

  • . Jane Jennings

    . Mr. Wang

    . Bill Harting

    . Landon

    . Rachel

    . Charlie Lincoln

    . Ethan

  • . Jane Jones, Jissle, Jankles, Jeels, Joles, Jamago,James. (I made all of these, other than Jones & James, up xD)

    . Mr. Barker, Mr. James, Mr. Hudson, Mr. Lang.

    . Reg, Benson, Jacob, Kane.

    . Daniel, Sam, Aaron, Cameron, Justin.

    . Belle, Wella, Susie, Anne.

    . Cameron, Justin, Ben, Nathan, John, Jonathan.

    . Harold, Ken, Quinn, Samuel, Dan, Brad.

    Hope I helped! I do know I re-used the names, sorry they just fit with the description. 🙂

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