I Need Help With A Story. Easy points.?

I’m writing a story and there is a band in it, and i don’t know what to call it. I can’t think of anything, it’s so annoying.

Please please help me. It can’t be a band that all ready exists.

Pleas help me! Thanks you so much =)

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  • Bad moonlight?? is it a mystery?? ummm im not really sure

  • London Town Massacre

  • I think it depends on the characters that form the band. If you’re writing a story, you could actually add an incident which the characters go through and name the band after. You could name it after an experience the characters had, etc. For a name, how about ‘the Embers’?

  • So in music this one toddler sneezed on his arm and prefer each and all of the snot got here out and became like dangling on his arm so he wiped it on his pants and his pants touched the piano after which my different pal picked up the piano and extremely almost touched the snot. Oh and yet another element I merely theory-approximately…. So those days I somewhat have been having aims approximately drowning at an identical time as i’m swimming by way of fact I swim each morning for college (long tale). in any case I somewhat have had some aims: #a million i became swimming and that i admire hit my head on the fringe of the pool and that i began drowning and a lovable guy stored me. # on the region we pass swimming there’s a “whirlpool” element and that i went in it and that i stored going around and around till ultimately I swirled all the way down to the backside like it became a bathroom bowl or something. # i became swimming laps and anybody else (from my college) became long previous, so i became drowning (as known) and the only lifeguard there wasn’t paying interest. wager what he became doing? Flirting with a girl!!! i became mad. that each and each you may sound surprisingly pathetic….

  • Sunlight Grimace


    Infinite Disaster




    Loveless Acid

    You can add numbers to things you like, e.g. Faithless or Scream

    Hope I helped


  • Peppermint Sneeze.

  • It really depends on their genre and what time period they play in. plus if their an all male or female band.etc. But ill try and give some suggestions anyway.

    lost dreams





  • The Boom Boom Band- shorten to the three bs

  • Well, what genre are they playing in?

    Are they a girl or boy band, both? (And before you think that doesn’t matter, sometimes it does, like for example, Boyzone, BOYzone and Girls aloud, GIRLS aloud) Get me?

  • Electric blues


    Sonic blast




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