What should i name my clothing line?


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    what about “eternal young”

  • THE BEST THING TO DO IS NOT TO COME ON HERE AND ASK FOR SUGGESTIONS. BECAUSE THE NAME OF YOUR LINE WOULD ACTUALLY BE SOMEONE ELSE’S IDEA. YOU NEED TO THINK OF YOUR OWN NAME, TO PROTECT YOUR BUSINESS. YOU ALSO NEED TO HAVE YOUR NAME (WHEN YOU THINK OF ONE) NOTARIZED. THAT WAY, NO ONE CAN STEAL YOUR IDEA/NAME. A NAME WILL COME TO YOU WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT. I HAVE MY OWN CLOTHING/SHOE STORE, CALLED BODY AND SOLE (like the sole of your shoe, get it?) lol But just a little secret, your initials A.R. would be a suggestion if I was to give you an idea. But remember what ever you name you decide to use, have the name notarized immediately, so no one can steal it from you. Good luck in your clothing business, I am sure you will do very well.

    Source(s): knowledge of notaries and how to protect your ideas!

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