Who, what, where, when, why…..?


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    i prefer When like When will i see you again lol ::)

  • Who? Snooki

    What? Was getting a permanent

    When? minutes ago

    Why? because she likes big hair

    How? haha.. I’m not going to write it down right now.. ;D

  • Lmao Who’s the word going round,.

  • Who – Me

    What – Vacation

    Where- An Island

    When – Next week

    Why – Personal desire

    How – Teleportation is now available !

  • Who: Him

    What: Sex

    Where: Anywhere

    When: December

    Why: B/c I have good taste

    How: You sure you wanna know?

    Cheers =)

  • That reminds me of a great mystery novel… I’m always wondering about those elements when I’m reading a suspense novel 😀

  • Yea huhu uv got problems

  • Ah, the basic elements we are taught at a young age when reading. (: Ah, brings back memories.

  • Who? Me

    What? My member

    Where? My pants

    when? Right now

    Why? Your mom

    How? Im climbing in your windows

  • Arrrgh, freshman journalism flashbacks.

  • The answer is : Me , eating , at school, at o’clock , because I am hungry

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