What to write in letter to crush?

I have this guy friend that I’ve known for a year and a half now. He lives in a different country, and we skype on a regular basis. It’s not nearly as much as we would both like, but it’s hard with a seven hour time difference, and high school crap, and college admission and all that sort of stuff. Anyways, I’m practically the only person he talks to anymore (from when he was an exchange student here) and I think he may like me too, but he has the poker face of the century. And never, ever talks about his feelings. I sent him a holiday gift, and he was supposed to send me one too, but ended up eating it (chocolate). But we always have the best conversations and end up laughing our butts off, and having sooo much fun. We have a ton of inside jokes and everything, and always talk about what were going to do and see when I come to visit him. I dont want to write him a love letter or anything, cuz I really want to see if he feels the same way, but not till were both ready. But I want to send a sweet note that lets him know that I’m thinking about him, and miss him, (he has exams this week and we wont be able to skype) and one that includes some of our jokes, and represents our relationship. Can someone give me pointers or help me with this? I suck at it 🙁

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  • Tell him you want to make him a sandwich and give him blow jobs. He’ll get the hint.

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