when writing an essay about a poem do you underline the name of the poem or put it in quotes?

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  • depends what the lecturer prefers.

    usually its in italics or these things ‘things’.

    ive never hear of underlining though but yeah u should check

    Source(s): md year uni student

  • Underlining makes it more difficult to read. Put it in real quotes ( ” ” ) or italicize it.

  • I was taught by my english teacher at GCSE and A-Level to put the name in quatations.

    Also, if it was on the computer I would make it italic as well.

  • you in ordinary terms do between the above if its on your works stated website, or you place the call of the piece in an introductory fact like ” . . . ‘ as so and so stated in __________. in case you dont use an introductory fact you in ordinary terms flow off the works stated and placed the line or website # in ()S on the tip of a sentence.

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