Where can i get a book published? What process should i go through?

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  • If you are looking for self-publishing companies to publish your book, I know of a few companies that practically holds court to everything a book needs from getting you your copyright, size preferences, book cover design customization, layout consultation, copyediting and even marketing – at affordable costs.

    The difference with self-publishing is that you happen to send in your materials to the publisher and they will do all the work for you depending on which program you are on. Publishing packages are very affordable and investing on getting your book published is a good start. It is best if you send in the entire manuscript and should not worry about protection because publishers have an agreement to not use your material without your consent.

    Publishing companies now have all the resources to publish books with the same productivity and efficacy as that of regular black and white books. Considering the fact that most books are in full color, you should choose a publishing company whose book’s are of the highest quality, bar none.

    Good luck 🙂

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  • The first thing you should do is revise your work THOROUGHLY. If you’re a new author, there’s always a large chance you’ll be rejected several times before finding a publisher who wants to sell your book, but it’s good to edit and fine-tune everything so that you have as much chance as possible of being accepted.

    After this, it’s essential that you find a literary agent. Most publishers will barely even glance at unsolicited manuscripts (books that are sent without going through an agent). Look for an agent who has experience/interest in the genre of your book. An agent will give you advice on further revising your work and help you select a publisher that is likely to select your book (based on the other books they’ve published and the agent’s past experience in the industry). With your agent’s help, you should be able to find several publishers to send your work off to, and the only thing you can do from there is wait for a response. Remember, don’t be discouraged if you receive several rejection letters – even the first Harry Potter book was rejected before it got published.

    I think a lot of this depends on what country you’re in. In Australia, the first advice any expert will give you is to find an agent. Elsewhere, people will recommend self-publishing or publishing without an agent. So it’s best to research your country’s market to get a good idea of what to do.

  • There are two books that will be immensely valuable to you. One is the latest edition of Writer’s Market. It will list publishers and their addresses and people to write to at each publisher. The other is How to be Your Own Literary Agent. You can probably get the first one at a library. The second is available at Amazon.com, but yu can check your library. Between the two books you will have all the info you need.

  • I think self-publishing is thebest place to start. You can send it to an online oublishing service, enter the amount of copies you want made, how many words there are, hard or paperbak covers, pay a fee and you’re all set. From here you can take your book to larger retailers and see if they will display some copies for you, then organise profits, etc..

    It is the best option for a beginner-writer. I would also reccomend publicity, make posters etc and use these to help promote your book. Hire a crowd and do a book signing if you have to- there’s no limit when chasing your dreams!

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  • Find some publishers and send your book into as many as possible and hope that one likes it or even actually reads it. 🙂

  • Do your research. Do NOT do what these people tell you, as it’s primarily false information. All I can tell you to do is to research thoroughly. Also, never, ever, ever, ever pay a literary agent. If they ask for money, they’re running a scam.

  • I think Emily said it all !!! Rock on !! Good luck with your book 🙂

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