Which are the best top web-sites for general purpose use?

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  • search =google ,ask,yahoo

    short video clips= youtube

    information on articles=wikipedia.org

    social networking=orkut ,facebook

    songs download =songs.pk,mpraid,beemp


    play ol games=zapak

  • depends what you mean?

    games – www.addictinggames.com or www.miniclip.com

    search engines – Google or ask.com

    news – http://news.bbc.co.uk/

    music – youtube.com or www.musicjesus.com

    creating you own website – www.piczo.com or www.bebo.com

    social networking – facebook.com or bebo.com

    if you want all of these things in one site i don’t think there is, not that i know of.

    the only other thing i can suggest buying and ipod touch, they can store all these things on to one home screen and you can bring them up in a matter of seconds also internet speed is amazing i can connect to a site in seconds! but games sites take seconds but still !

    so i hope that has helped you 🙂

  • ebay= buy/sell

    google = search

    wikipedia = research

    wolfram/alfa = facts/calculations

    youtube = short clips

    surfthechannel = films/series

    digg = online populair news

    snopes = urban legends

    hotmail = email site

    deviantart = “art” site

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