which is the best university or college for event management course in new york?


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    While you might want to work in New York, you may need to go to school elsewhere.

    When you say event management one would think you are looking at major venues. The places that do big sporting events and the like. To get into this the quickest way is to get a degree in Sports Administration.

    Madison Square Garden and places like that needs folks that know how to administer the facility – not the team.

    Two of the best programs in the country are in Oregon and Ohio. Closest to you is the program at Ohio University. Look it up.

    You go to college, get a degree in business with a specialty in Sports Administration. The specialty adds two years to your college experience but you come out the other side really sought after.

    good luck.

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  • Livewires in Mumbai is the suitable institute for adventure administration. relatively considered one of my friends has studied there and is now working for a ideal adventure administration company company employer that holds company and image based activities. She has an outstanding pay packet besides 🙂 Livewires is elementary to furnish palms-on useful training in adventure administration. they have the suitable marketplace placements too. The classes that are coated contain: • adventure activation • subject based adventure conceptualization • adventure making plans and street mapping • adventure administration and branding • Statutory permission from infinite government agencies as in line with interior attain rules • adventure promoting, promoting, Sponsorships, sales shows, Telecasts Tie Ups (if ideal) • adventure budgeting with proposed money bypass sheets and P & L flows • point making plans & low fee production execution • MC anchoring training with the twelve d element • Interviewing & handling Celebrities • television coach anchoring • expert DJ-ing • Venue lighting fixtures and sound specifics • Catering • safety theory, making plans and execution (jointly with crowd handling in activation) • fire & safety rules and multi activities • basic adventure accounting • adventure logistics (adventure regulation, learn production, and so on.) • AV case learn of activities jointly with grand Indian & international activities

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