Which job is better? Application Developer or Application Support?

Which offers better career path on technology?

By Application Development – I mean using latest technoloiges to build systems

By Applicatio Support – I mean customer interactions,bug fixes etc

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  • IMHO Application development suits people who like a challenge, they don’t always get to use bleeding edge technologies though, but at least they are usually faced with some sort of problem which they can come up with a solution for.

    Application support suits people who like a more stable environment – you usually know what your supporting and after a while will probably know what the sorts of issues people have.

    Find something that suits you. Development is probably better paid as a normal job, support can be more stable and less presurised.

  • In smaller teams, application developers will also do the support, and seriously- “better career path”? There’s quite a difference between offering support and developing applications, just go for what you like better. Money won’t buy you life quality, and since you will be spending a major part of your life on your workplace, go for a job that suites you.

  • The Support usually works for the developer and so the Support is a junior position

  • application developer is a good job rather than application support .

    besides this application developer has a lot much scope so please visit this link to have a job of application developer

    here is the link http://www.jobisite.com/sj/id/-ApplicationDev…

  • like jimboy said

    however, when i did support i got a lot more overtime

    it depends on the country a little

    developer might be on salary and support might be hourly

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