why do i hate books????????????????

my parents piss me off to read them.i tryed to read novels ,every kind. but all of them were boring

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  • I’m afraid you are part of a worrying modern trend. Too many kids these days want the instant gratification of television and video games – and are incapable of making the intellectual investment necessary to appreciate a good book.

    You don’t say how old you are: but if a love of books is not instilled at an early age (say seven), then it’s very hard to make up later for what’s missing.

  • I can tell you don’t read, judging by your grammar. Reading has proven to boost intelligence, verbal skill, and thought process because it requires thinking; unlike television, which does the thinking for you. Read things you like. I had the same problem. Here are some books that may interest you:

    American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis

    A Clockwork Orange

    The Hunger Games

    A Brave New World

    Requisite For A Dream

    I firgured they’d interest you because they are about murder, sex, and drug use. You hate reading so this will keep you focus. The great part is that it has a lot of symbolism, life lessons, and focuses on our humanity and ethics. Eventually you’re skill progress to where you can read books like Art Of War or Scarlet Letter or something of that sort. You’ll be interested in the ethics themselves rather than the blood used to portray it. This only helps you read better and clearer while keeping your fascination! 🙂

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  • Hey, dude. Don’t listen to the people who say you’re boring, etc, etc. Some people just don’t like books.

    Maybe one of the reasons you don’t like them is because you’re being pressured *to* read. Therefore, it’s an instant turn off.

    Do you *want* to hate books? If you do, then… just accept that you don’t like them (which it seems you have done already, lol) and view as something that has to be done. If you don’t, then keep searching for a genre you like and enjoy.

    Don’t try and force yourself to like something. That would be like me trying to like maths. Never going to happen.

  • Exactly what books are they trying to have you read? Or, it doesn’t matter what book it is its just they want you to read? Try telling them why you are bothered by this or actually find a book that you can see yourself enjoying.

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  • My English professor once told me: everybody likes books, they just haven’t found the perfect book yet.

    So I think, when you find the perfect book for you, you’re going to love books.

  • Maybe you are more of an active type who does not have the patience to sit still and concentrate.

  • I’m afraid that it’s not the novels that are boring. It’s you.

  • Maybe because you lack imagination and can’t visualize written words.

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