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What is the American West? How important is this concept to the American identity? To answer this question, relate the Monroe Doctrine to Manifest Destiny, and include whether the expansion west had many examples of tension between people of different ethnic, religious, and racial backgrounds OR the expansion of universal suffrage. Include reference to the changes in the importance of the west starting with the Louisiana Purchase

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  • The Manifest Destiny was a driving concept in formulating American identity in the th century. The expansion of the US to the west brought more conflict with other peoples, especially the natives that lost land as settlers came to the newly purchased territory. The west became a land of infinite opportunity to many people after the Louisiana Purchase; relatively untouched land that was practically free for taking/settling.

  • a million. FDR’s presidency, adding the New Deal, thoroughly transformed the U.S. govt and the level of its involvement. It created a welfare govt. two. Pearl Harbor. It introduced us into WW, which on the time the American public did not wish to be worried with. Because of Pearl Harbor, that caused our front into WW, it introduced the U.S. out of the despair and made us the main international vigor. three. and good I wager nine/eleven is a biggie. It used to be extra like a truth determine. The U.S. strongly helps isolationism, that’s a cause why such a lot of humans are blind to what is going on within the leisure of the sector. nine/eleven made humans learned that humans are inclined to assault our mainland (which i believe the battle of used to be the final time that occurred however im now not definite) and stirred up an curiosity in World parties.

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