Are you sick of this match every minor show?

(Main Event and Superstars)

I am sick of the Cody Rhodes vs. Justin Gabriel matches. They fought numerous times and yet Justin NEVER wins. At the beginning of each match I can always tell that Rhodes sneaks his way into being victorious.


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  • they should cut all the minor shows like main event, saturday morning slam and superstars and should merge afterburn, bottomline, experience and vintage collection into one show. they have a very big roster but they still show same matches it sucks.


  • I’m more tired of seeing:

    Antonio Cesaro vs Randy Orton

    Randy Orton vs Wade Barret

    Sheamus vs David Otunga

    Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler

    The Great Khali/Hornswoggle vs Primo and Epico

    Mark Henry vs The Great Khali

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  • Antonio Cesaro vs Randy Orton is boooooooring. They had a match together about nine times since Wrestlemania.


  • for what I remember that match hasn’t happened in months


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