Smack Down ep 15!!!!?

World Champ:Rey Mysterio
WWE champ:Randy Orton
Us champ:Kofi Kingston
I.C champ:Chris Jericho
Unified tag champs:The Hart Dynasty

Orton comes out and starts talking and says.In 2 weeks i have to face three men and in 2 weeks i will make sure i leave Cleveland,Ohio still the wwe champ.Shemaus comes out and says listen here fella i have been world champ before and i will be champ again.The cena comes out and says in 2 weeks i will become a 8 time world champ and thee is nothing u three can do.Borue interrupts him by saying cena u have been the champ before so has Sheamus and the only person that has not is me and in 2 weeks i will become the youngest world champion in history.

Michael Tarver vs Yoshi Tatsu
Tatsu wins with a roll up.

Teddy long is backstage and is coming to the ring.

Teddy comes and says wassup Miami i have announce to make and that im going to have a tourney for the new women’s tittle and this tournament starts now.

Alicia Fox vs Kelly Kelly 1st round of the women’s tittle tourney
Kelly Kelly wins with the 2k

R-Truth vs The Miz vs John Morrison vs Ted DiBiase winner face kofi 4 US Tittle at no mercy
Dibiase wins with a dream street on Morrison.

Edge is backstage and starts talking about how he deserves the wwe tittle shot and not Evan Bourne and then Evan gets in Edges face and says i willface u in a match were if u win then i will give u my spot in the wwe tittle match.

Gail Kim vs Tamina
Tamina won after a splash

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The Hart Dynasty come out and make a Challenge any tag tema to facce us at no mercy and Dolph Ziggler and Chris Masters come out and the accept the challenge and then start a brawl.

Drew McIntyre vs Cody Rhodes vs Matt Hardy vs MVP winner faces Chris Jericho at no mercy 4 I.C Tittle
Drew wins with a Future Shock

Edge vs Evan Bourne If Edge wins he will get evans spot in the Fatall 4 way match at no mercy
Bourne wins after Air Bourne

The Peep Show set is up with Christian iin the ring and starts talking about he triple threat match at no mercy saying i have never held a world tittle but in 2 weeks i will become the world tittle.Now lets get my guest the world champ Rey Mysterio.Rey comes out and says u think will take my world title away from me really Christian u got a pin on the miz at lockdown and u think no u cantakek the world tittle from me.Then Kane comes out rey i agree with u becuase i think it should u vs me and christian should just go home and cry to his mama.The the light go our and all three off them r out on the mat.

No Mercy Card so far
WWE tittle Randy Orton vs John Cena vs Sheamus vs Evan Bourne
World tittle Rey Mysterio vs Kane vs Christian
I.C Tittle Chris Jericho vs Drew McIntyre
US Tittle Kofi Kingston vs Ted Dibiase
Unified tag Tittles The Hart Dynasty vs Dolph Ziggler and Chris Masters

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  • kewl show man look like a good ppv card
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