Which wrestlers entrance themes do not match them?

John Cena’s theme has attitude but his gimmick doesn’t. His theme should be Twinkle Twinkle superstar, how I wonder what wrestling moves are.

Which themes according to you do not match the respective wrestlers?


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  • I don’t think John Cena’s does anymore. In the Ruthless Agression Era it did but since he became a PG character then it didn’t. Kane’s doesn’t anymore because he’s no longere a monster, same can be said for Tensai.


  • I don’t think Kaitlyn’s music matches her, I am actually seeing this a lot though with the diva’s division, I don’t know, I think a few of them got themes that are just too girly!


  • Wade Barrett comes to mind


  • Antonio Cesaro’s hiphopish music.


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  • alex riley has a really cool theme song, but it doesn’t match him, his look, or his character. the guy is a jobber.


  • Kaitlyn, khali


  • Layla’s doesn’t


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