okay after i edited the song, i exported the song to itunes. but now it would burn on the a cd?!

how do you do this please?!

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  • Hi, I did the same thing: downloaded Audacity to my MacBook, then did a voice recording, and have tried like mad to get it to a CD. I eventually figured out how to get it to iTunes, but haven’t got the CD thing going yet. However, there is an Audacity tutorial/help site on the net. If I can find it I’ll let you know. Whilst Audacity is great, and free, I really want to make a CD too. Perhaps we can help one another? Good luck!

  • I always use Windows Media Player to burn my CD’s. It’s lovely and user friendly. C:

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  • Drag it into a playlist, and click the burn button in the lower right corner.

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