Why do people hate windows ?

Why can you hate it its so fast and sleek how can you hate it?

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  • Every time a new version of Windows is released, everyone slates it on here, probably because they are on the path to obsolescence until they get the new version themselves. I find this odd though because Microsoft tell us new versions of Windows are based almost entirely on customer feedback.

  • People hate change in general. From what i have heard, if you have vista, will be great but if you have xp, it is just different and takes getting used to.

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  • One reason is that it causes a lot of problems with the older computers, not having the drivers not running some of there programs

  • i don’t hate it, i love it. i done a custom install last week and everything is faster and no problems so far. i don’t get the “not responding” rubbish either

  • Cause they cant afford it 😛

    and there to lazy to get a job

  • I don’t hate it, I’m indifferent.

  • It is so new. I HATE NEW.

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  • Windows is faster than every version of Windows then why hate it ?

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