Boxes come up in a loop and I have to restart my computer to get rid of them. Why? How do I correct this?

This is something that hasn’t happened in a very long time. I go to a website and a box comes up or something I have clicked on and then the boxes start multiplying ridiculously. The only way to stop it is to restart or turn off my computer. I want to know why this happens and how do I prevent it from happening because it’s becoming a problem.

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  • There are prank websites that do this with javascript.

    It’s been a long time since one of these hit me, and the windows popped up as fast as I could close them.

    One of the methods these programs use is to open a very small browser window, so small you don’t see it, and then that window spawns all the other windows. There are other tricks too. The pranksters behind these trick people into visiting their websites or they hack into legitimate websites. Criminals also might pull this stunt with a compromised website, as you are distracted they are trying to hack into your computer.

    Try this next time : press the keys Ctrl Alt Esc

    to get the Task Manager, and within that shut all the browser windows down.

    Sometimes all you have to do is turn off the connection to the Internet, easy to do if it is a wired router, or unplug from the Internet. Difficult to do if you are wireless.

  • You could possibly have adware on your computer.
    Try downloading and running Malwarebytes (
    Let it scan your computer. It should be able to remove any adware or infections so it finds it.

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  • Just as a test, uninstall all java. See if it goes away. Java has been heavily exploited in the last few months.

    Spybot is very good at getting malware out of computers, download, update and scan.

    Reinstall java, if you need it.


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