C#: Get free disc block of a remote server?

I am trying to make a program using c# that will get free disc block of an HP server and will export the result in an excel file. If using an SSH, the command would be #bdf (or #bdf |awk ‘{print FS_FREE $//}’) . I have no idea what to do next after making a connection to the server. Please give an idea how.

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  • Using arrays may help for this, see here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa(v…

  • a million) often times, dependant on if you’re transferring internally, with a networked connected storage. often your speed will be restricted by utilising the bus interface, IE, if the force is sata or IDE. ) certain it really is, once back, if you’re utilising a community connected storage, it wouldnt remember in case you couldnt attain concepts outside of your community community. ) the premiere thanks to attempt this, could be to both create a digital inner most community, OR set up a miles off connection a gadget on your homestead community. ) certain, you could encrypt human being files, and or drives.

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