Camera takes too bright pictures?

I have a Cannon PowerShot SDIS. Been using it for a couple of years. Last month, I took pictures and it started to be too bright in regular amount of light. I didn’t adjust anything. It was set to auto. So I thought I might have accidentally adjusted the ISO. I reset everything and even tried ISO, all the pics I take are still too bright (all white and blurry) except when I take pictures of things in almost complete darkness then the light is ok. It seems like the camera automatically supplies unnecessary additional light. But when I use the record function, everything is fine. What do you think the problem is? Light censor? Do you think I can fix it DIY? Thanks so much.

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  • Your problem is overexposure caused by having somehow set the EV (Exposure Compensation) to probably stops of overexposure. Get the Owner’s Manual and look in the Index for Exposure Compensation, figure out how to set it to “” and the problem should be cured.

    Note that a camera simply can’t “… supply unnecessary additional light ….” EXCEPT when you tell it to by setting the EV.

  • Can you post some samples on flickr with the EXif info intact?

  • it’s Overexposure. You can easily alter it. Don’t know how to alter it on that camera though 😮

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