Contemporary dance song ideas?

I’m doing a contemporary solo on abusive relationships and I’m having difficulty with finding some songs that relate to the topic does anyone have any suggestions?

thanks 🙂

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  • “Spinning Around In The Air” – Proclaimers

    “Lucky That Way” – Joe Walsh

    “Just Breathe” – Willie Nelson & Lukas Nelson

    “Stuck On You” – Lionel Richie & Darius Rucker

    “Faithful Man” – Lee Fields & The Expressions

    “Hotel Angel” – Dj Ă–tzi & Bellamy Brothers

    “Roll Me Up” Feat. Snoop Dogg Kris Kristofferson & Jamey Johnson – Willie Nelson

    “Start Again” – Counting Crows

    “Crossfire” – Dj Ă–tzi & Bellamy Brothers

    “Goodbye To Yesterday” – Incognito

    “Stronger As One” – Laura Wright

    “That’s Why God Made The Radio” – Beach Boys

    “When Your Garden’s Overgrown” – Paul Weller

    “Leave Your Body Behind” – Richard Hawley

    “Shake It Up Burn It Loose” Feat. Michelle David – Lefties Soul Connection

    “I Can Only Give You Everything” – Nick Waterhouse

    “What The Hell Is Going On?” – Paul Thorn

    “Heaven’s Only Days Down The Road” – Shelby Lynne

    “Like A Star” – Dj Ă–tzi & Bellamy Brothers

    “Hit Or Miss” – Tom Jones

    “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” – Lisa Marie Presley

    “Everybody’s Talkin'” – Tedeschi Trucks Band

    “Analog Man” – Joe Walsh

    “You Are Not Alone” – Chris Botti

    “Life Could Be A Dream” – Street Corner Renaissance

    “Summer In New York” – Michael Franks

    “Oh Susannah” – Neil Young

    “I Just Want To Make Love To You” – Ruth Jacott

    “Eres La Luz” – Santana

    “Ain’t No Sunshine” – Richard Kincaid

    ” North” Feat. Marion Meadows – Rahni Song

    “All Fall Down” – Shawn Colvin

    “Come To Me” – Beverly Mcclellan

    “Sexy And I Know It” – Big Head Todd And The Monsters

    “Lucky In Love” – Pete Gitlin

    “Bourne Vivaldi” – Piano Guys

    “Red Guitar” – Cassandra Wilson

    “Used To Rule The World” – Bonnie Raitt New

    “London Baby!” – Grady Nichols

    “After Hours” – Glenn Frey

    “Tequila” – George Benson

    “Let Your Love Flow” – Dj Ă–tzi & Bellamy Brothers

    “Almost Home” – Reza Khan

    “Hey Girl” – Rick Parma

    “Just For You” – Lionel Richie & Billy Currington

    “Forbidden Kiss” Feat. Boca – Frank Gambale

    “I Need You” – Osmonds

    “Between Us” – Margo Rey

    “Better Days” – Joe Blessett

    “Scared Of Heights” – Morten Harket

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  • Adele, Someone Like You

    Concrete Angel, Martina McBride

    Face Down, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

    Never Again, Nickle Back

    Goodbye Earl, Dixie Chicks

    Independence day, Martina McBride

    Luka Suzzane Vega

  • Crimes- Damien Rice

    He’s Hurting Me- Maria Mena

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    Jar of Hearts- Christina Perri

    Beauty From Pain- Superchick

    Winter On the Weekend- Julia Stone (love this one)

    Colorblind- Counting Crows

    Damaged- Plumb

    Snuff- Slipknot (not a heavy metal one)

    Disappear- Christina Li

  • attempt the artist Frou Frou the voice of the lead singing is truly ethereal and gentle and funky. an excellent form of there songs are sturdy. Songs I recommend with the aid of Frou Frou: % up Breathe different: the nd I reported It-Imogen Heap

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  • Lyrical/ballet/modern/contemporary

    Evanescence –Lithium , Hello, Like you, Lacrymosa, Good enough, Missing, Fields of innocence, The last song I wasting on you, You, Exodus, Breathe no more, Eternal, Demise, Ascension of the spirit, Give unto me, Forgive me, lost in paradise

    Pink Floyd—Marooned, Terminal frost, Echoes, Interstellar Overdrive, One of these day, Run like hell

    On the turning away, Absolutely Curtains, Mudmen, Obscured by clouds, Dogs, A great day for freedom, High Hopes, Great Gig in the Sky, Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun

    David Hasselhoff–Until the last teardrop falls, If I could only say goodbye, These Loving eyes, A star looks down tonight, White Bird

    Meatloaf—Objects in the rear view mirror may appear closer than they are, heaven can wait, Not a dry eye, Lost boys and golden girls, for crying out loud

    Charlotte Church—All the little horses, unraveling, even God, Dream a dream (Elysium)

    from the movie Legend–The unicorn theme, The Cottage, Darkness , The Dance, the fairies

    from the movie Dracula–Love eternal, Love remembered, The storm, Lucy’s party, Love Song for a vampire by Annie Lennox

    from the movie Dragonheart -World of your heart, Flight to Avalon, Draco, to the stars, main theme

    from the movie Ladyhawke–main theme, She was sad at first, Phillippe describes Isabeau

    from the movie the Princess Bride– The cliffs of insanity, I will never love again, The fireswamp & rodent of unusual size, Storybook Love—Willy Deville

    Alborada (A dawn of many colors album)–Ode to a woman, Mountain Melody

    Ceol Mor—(Celtic Passages Album)–Enchanted forest, The mountains at dawn, Sparkling river

    Sarah Brightman—Symphony, Fleurs du mal, Free, Deliver me, Rain, This love, Captain Nemo, Meadowlark, How can heaven love me, Tu quieres volver, You take my breath away, Desert Rose, When Firebirds cry, Beautiful, I will be with you (duet with Paul Stanley)

    Star Wars movie soundtracks

    Star Trek Movie soundtracks

    Avatar movie soundtrack

    Stargate soundtrack

    Ballet music from Faust: Finale—Gounod

    Dance of the cygnets—Swan Lake

    Dance of the clowns—A midsummer’s night dream

    March of the Toreadors –Carmen

    Ballet music # in G major from Rosamunde—Schubert

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    “Nocturne” in E flat major Op., No. –Chopin

    Concerto Vi—Alessandro Scarlatti

    Let love live from Cirque de soliel

    Set the night to music—Starship

    Gravity of love- Enigma

    Push the limits-Enigma


    Show me your fire truck—Backdraft

    Top Gun Anthem

    Hurt-Nine Inch Nails/Johnny Cash

    Through the eyes of love—Melissa Manchester (Ice Castles theme)

    Dawn’s pale light—Liquid Sky

    Make the world go away-Elvis

    Love you to death-Kamelot

    Scarborough Fair—Leaves’ Eyes

    Christina Aguilera– I am, bound to you (burlesque)

    Just the way you are—Bruno Mars

    -Jem (ultraviolet)


    Freshman—verve pipe

    Phil Collins—In too deep, In the air tonight

    Are we the waiting—Green Day

    Make a memory—Bon Jovi

    Uninvited—Alanis Morissette

    Bed of roses-Bon Jovi

    Finest hour-Cindy Valentine aka Valentine Leone (Teen Witch)


    Needles and pins-Megadeth

    Oh death-Jen Titus (supernatural)

    Through the rain-Cinderella

    Wishing you were somehow here again—Phantom of the Opera

    Wish you were here-Within Temptation


    Scenes de ballet/Valse-Alexander Glazunov

    You’re the inspiration–Chicago

    When love & Hate collide—Def Leppard

    The last of me-Cher

  • Are You Happy Now? – Megan and Liz

    this is more about bullying but GREAT SONG(:

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