Do I have a good chance of being Captain?

This is my senior year on the dance team at my school and in a few weeks we will be choosing captains! I am really worried about what I should do. I have a really good chance, but so does another person that I can’t stand. There are three other seniors. One that I have no doubt will be a captain because she is so good, one that was on the team for junior year (is also the awesome one’s bff but I can hardly stand), and one that was on the team sophomore year but not junior. We usually have two captains and I’m fairly certaint that the second spot is between me and the girl I can hardly stand. (For hypothetical reasons, I’ll call her B.) So, Our team has six sophomores that were on the team for their first year last year and they’ll be the majority of the vote. (There is a total number of eleven girls: seniors, junior, six sophomores, and two freshmen.) B is wayyyy more the traditional dance/cheerleader that you expect to see. She parties, she has boyfriends, she’s not shy about “activities” with guys, she has a bellyring, she’s super skinny…. Need I go on? I have been on the team all three years I could where she was last year and this year. I have more sharpness in my dancing, but she has danced longer. I am fat (for a dancer) where she is almost anorexically skinny. I think that I’m prettier because . I’m nicer and . She is orange from her makeup. I think that the most of my worries come from how she and the amazing girl are so tight and that she’s funny. I’m worried that my Mother Hen-likeness and experience will be passed over for her personality. (I can be awkward sometimes. Okay, a lot of the time.) I’m not sure if I can survive with those two as my captains. Separate, I can handle it. Together, it’s unbearable. I am at a loss for what to think so any ideas would be appreciated. I know that if I were a captain B probably wouldn’t listen to me, but I don’t mind that so much. I just know that of the team, I’m the organized, responsible one that is never late and always ready. I am not however taking classes and competing for a small new company with the amazing girl and another really awesome sophomore on our team.

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