The hunger game triliogy a huge dissapointment?

I watched the move like weeks ago. Then I bought the trilogy set. I read all three books in about days. I think it was a horrible horrible disappointment.

First of all the the movie was a amazing. And so was the first book. It was almost perfect. I couldn’t wait to read the nd and third book after seeing how good the first book was. Boy was I disappointed. First of all the second book is garbage. It’s pages of build up. Some character development but its mainly boring. Nothing rememberable happens. Then the quell thing come out of no where and last only about pages and its barley entertaing. It was boring through out the whole book and I feel as if the entire book’s sole purpose is to set up for book .

Book was just as bad. We are instantly thrown into Katniss’s new district ‘s life. First half of the book is mainly filler. Then they go on a mission which is complete bullshit. All the charecters die. Finnick was just reunited with anny and the author has the nerve to go and have him killed of by mutts. wtf. Finnick dies but other useless characters survive. I don’t even remember their names. We don’t even know if they lived or died. And then prim dies???????? wtf totally not cool.Also the whole thing just came out of nowhere and was so confusing I couldn’t understand if it was real or Katniss hallucinating. Prim did not deserve to die at all. But the absolutely worst part is that the author decides to go with the they all lived happily ever after ending anyways. SO WHAT WAS THE POINT OF KILLING PRIM AND FINNICK? horrible book. And the author just erases Gale at the last second because she cant think of anything else.

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Share your thoughts?


I feel book and are ridding off the success of book one. like most authors tend to do.

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  • I agree with you, for the most part, but some of your argument doesn’t make sense. Sometimes people die, or things happen. They don’t need a purpose for happening, or anything like that. So some of the deaths I felt were necessary, or just happened and such.

    However, for the most part, I agree. The first book was pretty good. The second book was not good, at all. And the third book was the definition of the phrase: written for money. Collins seems to have forgotten that her characters are more than just characters, and spun her web of deus ex machina in order to MAKE things happen the way she wanted them to so that she could end the series, instead of letting the characters lead the story. She was trying to make the books as dark and sad and such as possible, and gave it an unplausible ending to go along with it, all without point and without it being all that great of a series anyway. I honestly don’t understand how the books are so popular.

    I suggest reading “Battle Royale,” which The Hunger Games was an accidental rip-off of. Battle Royale is FAR more real, believable, dark, realistic, and amazing. Or read Stephen King’s “The Long Walk,” or “The Running Man,” either one of which could have served as inspiration, plus they’re also better.

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  • i’m hoping no longer. the assumption of toddlers killing one yet another could desire to horrify all persons plenty that that those books make no money. I observed the st action picture because of the fact a chum needed to verify it, she had a chum in the action picture. I purely felt ill watching it. If it style of feels thoroughly some distance-fetched that some thing like this could take place in this international, remember that it already has. In Rome, that’s very corresponding to the Capitol in HG, voters have grown bored and function lost any experience of precise & incorrect. human beings, commonly Christians yet in addition purely absolutely everyone off the line, have been thrown into coliseums and made to combat wild animals, armed adult adult males… whilst human beings sat and watched. It became their entertainment. we are all horrified whilst we hear some infant killed in the information – so I purely locate it unhappy and discouraging that starvation video games isn’t a minimum of commencing discussions approximately “Wow, this could take place lower back”. And specific, i comprehend those books are fiction and are based on the Greek delusion of Theseus, and that the author reported she became “inspired” to jot down them whilst she became flipping channels and observed conflict coverage on one channel and a reality practice on yet another. I do purely no longer comprehend how absolutely everyone can appreciate this. ok, provide me my thumbs-down now, i comprehend that became hardly a accepted answer whilst in comparison with the others.

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  • ok series.

    Read all before movie even out. Like a year ago.

    Hype is not deserved. nd book is a little confusing.

    Best book= #

  • Wow, I think you’re getting a bit angry over something a bit irrelevant. And btw? Thanks for giving away plot points. I’ve only read the first book. You’ve committed a huge faux pas, should I now rant about what a terrible person you are for ruining my ability to learn all of these revelations myself?

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