For anyone who likes fantasy.?

Does this sound like a book you would read? or film you would watch, or game you would play? whichever you prefer doing.

Immortals. To the races of kaligonn they have long been thought extinct. The last traces of the immortal empire have been stamped out and the land is finally free. But while the people live their lives, convinced that the immortal threat is gone, a terrible evil rises once again in the east, more powerful than ever before! No one could stop it the first time. How can they stop it now?

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  • LOVE FANTASY QUESTIONS! fantasy is my forte. =)

    okay, I loved the first four sentences. I was totally intrigued as to who the kaligonn are and who’s trying to keep them down. after that, however, i got a little confused. it seems to me that they did beat them before, just not completely, so maybe change that up a little.

    overall, i really really like this idea. i think it would be a better book to read, because you could really delve into the descriptions of the normals and the immortals more so than a movie could. it might be a good game, but not as good as it would be as a book.

    if you ever put it on a fanfiction site or publish it let me know! i would love to read it!

  • only if its spread out over a book series consisting of at least pages each and very detailed about the inner workings of the politics of the society.

  • Maybe, if I was into Lord of the Rings type fantasy. I tend to be more of a Harry Potter type. I think it sounds good though, for people who like that kind of thing.

  • It sounds like a good book to me and a good movie and a fun adventurous game

  • I would defo read it! it sounds awesome . . . only don’t add in that exclamation mark, because it doesn’t seem professional. Other then that I would love to read the book. I would buy it if it was in the shops =)

    good luck, hope i helped.

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