My name is Emma and I need a nickname? Any ideas?

???Little help here

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  • I always liked Emmz

    Technically Emma is a short name for Emily, but still.

  • Nicknames For Emma


  • I love that name, I don’t know why you’d like a nickname. What about Em, Emmie, M.

  • What is your middle name?

    For instance, if your middle name is Elizabeth, then you could have a nickname of Beth. If your middle name is Cindy, you could have a nickname of EC, etc.

    Or you could merely go with EM.

  • EM!!! I call my friend Emma that all the time!!

    Source(s): My friends name is Emma.

  • Amme

  • well my names emily and usally i get called em.

    but here are some others:


    emmy lou


    em em

  • Emzy

  • It’s people like you I really hate. People shouldn’t create nicknames for themselves, that’s just false. Nicknames should form from the people around you, stop being so artificial.

  • I use to call my friend named Emma Emmybear.

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