My name is Minto? Can anybody tell me the meaning, ethnicity or origin ?

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  • according to this site, they’re English…

  • “Scottish: habitational name from a place near Denholm in the Borders, originally named with British minit (cognate with Welsh mynydd ‘hill’), with the later addition of Middle English ho(e) ‘ridge’, ‘hill’ after the original meaning of the first element had been forgotten.”


  • SUN Some are indirectly related to the sun In French, Soleil means sun. It is pronounced ‘so-lay’ and is also used as a girl’s name. Ellen and Hellen both mean ‘sun ray’ and Selena means ‘sister to the sun’. Kyra- ‘ra’ means sun in Egyptian and Perssian. Sunniva- gift of the sun Thea- mother of the sun FIRE Adena – fire Fiametta – little fire Safara – fire Nuri – my fire Ziara – ‘fire’ in Slovak Candice – white fire

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