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I have beetle,

His name is toby,

Marked whit of spot,

And the cats plaything..

He is happy..Seen in all

the oddest places..sometimes,

On his back and sometimes not..

but the beautiful color oh my word..

His nose and features speak more of

Intelligence..than perhaps they should,

I like the little feller.

But hated hated,

In the local newspaper..

Hitler,Mussolini all rolled in,

What can be done..

He/she is MY guest and I care not

What others say..

You may stay Toby..

For I have named thee..

Shall we be happy,

We shall see..!

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  • It’s good but I think it’s better to choose whether SHE or HE not both of them…

  • Kinda cool and twisted…

  • no

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