I have to write a poem for choir, is it any good?

I have to write song lyrics for my choir class. However, my teacher said we could write poems, too. So I wrote a poem, seeing as how I don’t think I know how to write a song. Anyway, here’s my poem called Life Goes On;

Look into the dark abyss

This thing that we call life

You wish to scream and pound your fists

You’re filled with lots of strife

Everything is crashing down

The moon and stars and the sun

Your only face is that of a frown

But your journey has only begun

In time, life will be good again

It’ll be happy and joyous throughout

You will live your life with all of your friends

And never scream or shout

Slowly, things are changing

Soon it will be good

Life is rearranging

Tears will no longer flood

Everything happens for a reason

But that reason is not always clear

People may act with treason

But remember, I’m always here

Turn your frown upside down

Prove that your are witty

I tell you that you’re beautiful

But do you believe me?

Life without you

would not be full

Don’t you see?

People will hate you

Bash you

Tear you down

Get back up

Don’t you dare frown

I’ve said it once

Now I’ll say it twice

I’m always here for you

Throughout our lives

I won’t let you go

I’ll show you I care

Everything I say to you

Will be nice, I swear

People love you in every way

Remember that life goes on

It does every day

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  • I feel like the entire goal of the poem was for the words to rhyme, rather than the actual meaning behind them. Along with this, the direction of the poem isn’t concise, and there are several times when the poem resorts to cliche and loses strength. These are all signs of an amateur poet, so I recommend writing a few poems. Write some that rhyme, some that don’t, some short, some longer, some that have choppy styles, and some that flow, etc. After or I don’t doubt that you’ll discover what kind of poem writing you like and are good at, and you can run with that one.

    I hope I helped, good luck! 🙂

    Source(s): Written several poems in the past
    Love English.

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