Do you sleep all alone in the dark.?


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    yep with an Axe under my bed. lolz

  • All alone, it isn’t completely dark though. The street light shines through the gapes of the blinds..

    I’m not scared of the dark.

  • Absolutely. I need total darkness or I can’t sleep.

  • No. i Play tiddlywinks in the dark. When i sleep, i have to have a night light called the moon shining brightly.

  • Yes.

    I can’t sleep with the lights on.

  • I’m neither afraid or frightened of the dark

    Source(s): Fire up the Quattro 🙂

  • All alone in my own single bed, but I share a room.

  • Yes I do….all alone..down the dark…..*woo hoo*

  • No Im afraid that slenderman will come Im not joking

  • I used to matey, not anymore. My hubby and my sweet Lola, doggie. hee hee. <

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