explain btw blog and .com and why to use which one. I teach a product never used net. Want interaction. thx?

Do i set up a forum or just email and add incoming commentary. Value of a blog vs .com site? What sould I use and why? I would like to make some add rev -how?

maybe provide links I can search. Thx so much

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  • A blog is just a concept where a person can write his views and share with people.

    A blog itself can be a website or an account on another website which allows you to write Blogs.

    If you create your own website with .com domain and set up a blog software, then you would own the domain and site fully.

    Whereas if you join a website like www.blogger.com, you will be a member of this site and will have ability to write blogs and they will provide you a unique URL.

    Source(s): http://amtech.com/

  • i can provide a link for you………


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