Foot Cramps up when I dance; foot/toe exercises?

I recently broke my pinky toe, and its healing up fine, but now whenever I’m dancing, I get insane foot cramps!

When I point my left foot for ballet, I notice that the last couple toes dont point as much as they do on my right foot.

so, how can I regain strength in my left foot/toes?

what exercises can I do?

cause I have a recital in a few days, and I dont wanna not be able to do my best due to foot cramping AND broken pinky toe


I feel like when I’m pointing my left foot, its my big toe and whatever muscles underneath that are doing most of the work. (also, my big toe is starting to ‘overlap’ my other toe when I’m pointing)

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  • well first, you can make sure you’re hydrated. Not having enough water can cause your muscles to cramp up more. You can also try eating more bananas and strawberries, since I’ve heard those help prevent cramps as well. just keep stretching your feet. don’t overwork your foot before a performance so that you injure it again! You could go ahead and practice releves, pressing through your feet, and other stretches, and use a tennis ball to massage your foot. Your feet might eventually get back to where they were before but for now don’t try too hard to get them back to their full potential before your performance. For when you point your toes, make sure to stretch them outward and down, (starting with your toes widespread apart before you point them so that you don’t squish them together and then point) instead of crunching your toes (which could be more of the overlapping issue you’re having.) pointing your toes shouldn’t come from only your toes, but more of the arch of your foot. If your left foot doesn’t point as much as your right foot, i’m sure no one will notice. I mean for me, my right foot has always been more flexible than my left. Just keep stretching and doing foot exercises to strengthen your feet and your strength could come back.

    Good luck on your performance and I hope your foot gets better!!

  • i am getting rather unhealthy charlie horses at nite sum occasions and its by and large since im particularly dehdyrated my concept whilst it occurs placed a few salt at the tip of ur tongue i dont kno why but it surely works and it is helping soothe the discomfort. oh and drink sum extra water believe that are meant to aid

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