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I’m writing a novel, but I have a feeling the plot is too weird and confusing.

Basically, one of the states got a hold of something all of the other states wanted, and the other states broke into a war about it. The government, trying to bring order, installed a ft wall surrounding each state. Then they assigned each state a job (like agriculture or electronics). Y’know, to show that all of the states need each other. But because the jobs were so specific, like medicine, technology, weather, and so on, the states fell to poverty.

Trying to cover their trail, the government renamed the states, to ensure that anyone trying to figure out what had happened would have a hard time about it.

I feel like some plot points could do without. Is the ft wall thing and renaming the states a bit too much? I feel like it is, but I’d like an opinion from potential fans.

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  • I think it sounds very interesting.. I enjoy books with lots of description because then I can imagine it like a movie in my mind. Your type of novel reminds me a lot of James Patterson. Just do what you think is best and good luck! 🙂

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  • Definitely bro, right up my alley.

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