How can anyone like Twilight?

I have read all the books recently to see what everyone is so obsessed with and cannot understand what the attraction is. It is so terribly written. The idea behind Twilight of a girl falling in love with a vampire sounds good but Stephenie ruined it. The characters are completely unlikeable and unrelatable. No one would act like that or speak like that in real life. Bella is almost dead inside and sounds depressed constantly. She only likes Edward because he is ‘perfect’ to her. Edward is an abusive boyfriend and controls everything she does and no normal person would put up with it. The only characters I thought were of any use were Rosalie(because she had a good back story and wanted something that she could never have) I actually felt sorry for her whereas with other characters (Bella) I just didn’t care. I also liked Jacob and despised the way Bella used him. The writing is terrible and bland, the odd fancy word here and there, the lengthy descriptions that are meaningless and not needed. The introduction of Renesmee where Meyer breaks all the rules she herself created (vampires are frozen in time, therefore cannot perform bodily functions. They are cold so obviously cannot get an erection as they have no blood, therefore Renesmee cannot exist!!!) But she does. Why do people like this crap? No one can relate to Bella. She is a mary sue in every way and cares about no one but herself. I liked New Moon a bit because Edward wasn’t there which means there were no longer the never ending descriptions of his eyes and instead showed some of Bella’s real emotions and how she was almost a likable character with Jacob. I’ve read other series such as Harry Potter (My favorite series) and The Hunger Games, and Twilight just pales in comparison to them. Can anyone give reasons why everyone loves it???

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  • Hello,

    The book may not be intended for your age group, which could explain one reason why you don’t like it.

    I read it way before it became popular (a year or so before), and I enjoyed it. I knew it wasn’t well written and I didn’t particular enjoy the characters, but regardless, I found it an enjoyable and easy read.

    When the story became super popular, people started to bash it. It’s easy to not like a book when hundreds of annoying teenage girls are obsessed with it – even before reading it. My boyfriend hates it, but he’s never even read the book or seen the movies.

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    People like it because it’s easy to put yourself into the situation. Bella is a bland character, and therefore anybody can really relate to her because it’s easy to add characteristics to her that relate to you while you are reading. And a ton of teenage girls (and adult women) could admit to fantasizing about wanting a sexy vampire boyfriend/romance.

    Nobody compares Twilight, the Hunger Games, and Harry Potter (and if they do, they shouldn’t. the three books have different audiences, different genres, and are completely different from each other in terms of the story line). Maybe people can say they hate the HG, and they hate HP. It’s just for different people.

    Good luck! 🙂

  • There is a reason it’s called Fantasy. Some people like it, some people don’t. Yeah, it’s a but ridiculous, but it doesn’t have to relate to anything. Renesme CAN exsit because there are different types of vampires. It’s new and it’s different. I mean the sparkling is gay, and Robert Pattingson ruins Edwards image but believe it or not, some people like that. Harry Potter is just as Fantastical as twilight.

    Besides, if you hate the books so much, why did you read them all?

  • “Can anyone give reasons why everyone loves it???”

    Everyone doesn’t love it.

    Twelve year olds love it because it tells them that their kiddie crushes on adults are “mature” and “true love”.

    I have to agree – the first part of New Moon, with the attacks which she’s afraid are Jacob and co, is far and away the best bit of the first two books. I’m afraid when Edward came back and we crashed back into adoring drool mode I couldn’t be bothered with the last two books.

  • I don’t think people necessarily like the book, they just like the hype of it. They think “EVERYONE has read Twilight, so now I need to read it too.” They usually just say they liked it because other people said they liked it.

    So, in conclusion, I guess most people didn’t actually like the book that much, they just liked that everyone else had already read it.

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  • The only people who like the books are teenage girls who are desperate enough that they know they’ll never date a real person, so they have to fantasize about dating a vampire, since vampires aren’t, and never will be, real. It’s impossible. Just like their chances of getting a boyfriend.

  • Twilight is for fat, lonely girls who wish they were Bella and that Edward and Jacob were fighting over them. Simple.

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