Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban (BOOK) question?

So, Sirius Black was this supposed murderer and it turned out that he was inocent and the whole story fitted except for one piece.

In the book, people say that when he had SUPPOSEDLY killed Pettigrew and the other innocents, he walked away laughing and people saw him. I dont get it! If he was innocent himself, why would he have laughed? I know it was all Pettigrew’s fault and he had killed everyone and then escaped so why did Black still laugh?



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  • I think that the story was exaggerated by onlookers and the press to make it more sensational. A maniacally laughing murderer stirs the emotions more than a silent one.

  • well, first of all, his laughing could have been just hearsay that developed because people wanted to believe he was completely insane. But, I can see Sirius laughing after that, so I don’t know if he did or not. I can see him laughing because he kind of does loose his mind. His best friends are just murdered and one of the others is their betrayer. A man that Sirius has known since childhood has just as good as killed his best friend. Sirius was enraged, especially since he thought that Peter was the least likely person to go over to Voldemort (hence the making him Secretkeeper instead) also, Sirius knows what is at stake. He knows that everyone is going to think it was him. That even Dumbledore will think it was him because they changed it without telling Dumbledore or Lupin or anyone. And when he finally sees what Peter’s plan was, to frame Sirius and escape into the sewer to fend for himself, I think he realized what a fool he was to trust Peter and that no one would believe him or treat him fairly because of the extreme nature of the crime. He was laughing out of hysterics and desperation, and that Peter had managed to outwitted him, not out of humor.

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  • Self depreiciating laugh.

    His trust in pettigrew had just cost the lives of the Potters and he was going to be blamed for it

  • I agree with Bella. Witnesses probably exaggerated according to what they believed. People’s memories aren’t as reliable as people think they are.

  • i think it was the impossibility of the situation, to find out the guy he trusted all his life was not worth that trust. most likely shock, it does strange things

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