Help? Suggestions on where to buy work pants?

I am starting my first full time job in a couple of days(Wednesday, Sept. th) at Starbucks Coffee Company. The work uniform requires tan loose fitting trousers, and a black collared shirt. I found the shirt no problem, but I can not seem to find a store that sells the trousers. I am years old, petite and live in Alberta, Canada. If anyone knows where to find these, it would be great!!! Thank- You Adele!

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  • I don’t know if you have a “Mark’s Work World” in Alberta. This is one store that sells every kind, size and color of work pant under the sun! If you find it difficult to find these particular pants, is it possible to find anything similar in color, then ask your supervisor where others have bought theirs? At least you would be showing how you attempted to fulfil the requirements and the employer would commend you for doing your best to wear what is required. Maybe co-workers can direct you to the store(s) they got their pants at.

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