How am I related to this person?

my cousin and her cousin had a kid, so the kid is both of ours’ second cousin. how are we related?


let me rephrase…

me and the girl I am trying to find my relation to have the same st cousin once removed.

this cousin’s parents are not married.

his mom is my cousin, and his dad is the girl’s cousin, but again they are not married.

how am i related to the girl?

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  • If the cousin who had the child is your first cousin, the child is your first cousin once removed. If she is your second cousin, the child is your second cousin once removed.

    Most people mean “first cousin” when they say “cousin”, so chances are the child is your first cousin once removed. When you have a child, he/she will be second cousin to your first cousin’s child.

    If the parents are first cousins, the child is its own second cousin, which is amusing. I’m my own th cousin.

  • See attached relationship chart…


  • you are not related.

    Source(s): not blood relatives.

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