How can I record Hulu or download YouTube videos for my cell phone?

How can I stream Hulu shows, record & download YouTube videos, capture RTMP-E flash movies and convert this with automatically into MP, GP or other file formats for my cell phone mobile device??


I am looking for a solution with downloader and converter because I want to be flexibel with the videos. I want to use the movies and clips on my cell phone with gp file format and in my home entertainment system as MP file as well. Many solutions are to simple for this and only specialised for only YouTube or only Hulu. There are so many websites with videos out there. So there have to be better ways than single tools without a comfortable converter.

Update :

Wow. Thank you. There are a lot of choices. I will give some tools a try.

Update :

At the moment Online Video Hunter seems to be the best. We will see.

Update :

Online Video Hunter works well and offers many file formats. Now I will download the AudialsOne Freeware from

Update :

Web Video Downloader looks also interesting. By the way I found another tool from Xilisoft in the web search.

Update :

Online Video Hunter is better than Web Video Downloader. AudialsOne offers another set of features on top. I will run the test with this software during the weekend.

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Thank you. I will try the Leawo Free FLV Converter as well. It seems equal to the category of Online Video Hunter etc.

Update :

Online Video Hunter, Leawo and Tunebite of are on the same level. Tunebite is a bit better with the best converter part. At the moment AudialsOne from is my favorite, because besides the Flash video recorder features there a lot of more features to record, stream and capture. There is a great tab with a so called wishlist to define a list of artist who should recorded from internet radios. Great stuff. Another Tab is the Search tab where I insert names of artist and got music videos in many file formats automatically downloaded and converted. Very nice All-in-one-solution. I will wait with the buy. May be someone will post a better software with link here in the next days.

Update :

I bought AudialsOne. I got hundreds of free MP music files from webradios recorded and of course for me it is the best YouTube Downloader & Hulu Recorder. There are so many functions to get videos, movies and music with recording of website for free. Fantastic. It is a bit expensive but hallo my hard disk is near to burst with media. Thank you all for help. The other tools did also a great job, but only AudialsOne works like a swiss army knife.

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  • Of course you can ,but I guess it’s not that easy to find just one app that does all this things.

    If you need a good reliable tool for this job, you should definitely take a look at Audials One, this might just help you get a picture of how this app works:…

    Audials One actually helps you record flash videos from any website, so this means you’ll be able to get whetever you liked from youtube plus a lot of many other websites and convert them to whatever formats you need. Works also for RTMP-E ‘s from hulu and other such websites.And if I recall correctly, it can record the music from webradios and as well.

    If you’re interested you should try the Audials One freeware, it has YouTube recording for free and several other features, like converting files.

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  • You can choose ” Online Video Hunter “, (Professional Tube FLV Downloader, + websites supported. )

    Help you easily download your favorite videos & music from Youtube, Myspace, Google, Youporn, Youjizz, Xnxx, Pornhub, Xvideos, Redtube, Tube, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Yahoo etc.

    Help you easily convert online flv videos & music for your PC, iPod, iPhone, PSP, Zune, Mpbile phone etc.

    Google it:…

    I hope this may help you. 🙂

  • I use MelodyCan Ultra + YouTube Ripper

    output formats – MP, MP, AVI

  • you cant automatically convert downloaded videos but to download videos from youtube download real player gold and turn on automatically download videos.

    after installation when you take the cursor on a playing video on youtube you can easily download the video.

    for converting the video just download ultra mpeg video converter.

  • Hey,i recommend you use a youtube downloader. here is a free youtube downloader called leawo free youtube download.… and after you download it you need to convert it to other formats such as wmv,mp,mp etc according to your requirement. downlad it freely here ————————–

    For Windows:…

    For MAC:…

    all can be completed by several mouse clicks, just have a try.

  • download online videos from youtube, hulu, etc. with web video downloader.


  • Try this ^^

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