how did the light bulb help in regards to medicine and mining?

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  • The light bulb would extend the time things could be accomplished past the hours of sunrise to sunset. In this case, the light bulb would allow for better lighting in the mines – there would be brighter light to work with to minimize physical endangerment and with no open flame, pockets of gas that accumulated in mines would not have an open flame source for ignition.

    In medicine, particularly surgery, light would allow the physician to work at any time an emergency arose instead of waiting through a crisis until there would be sufficient light to start. As light bulbs became more sophisticated, they would be able to illuminate an operating theatre with intense amounts of light.

    And if the light bulb could be used, it meant that other ways of electricity could be used: electricity could move the carts on rails to bring coal/ore from the mines instead of using pack animals or human power.

    For surgery, it meant that autoclaves could disinfect the surgical instruments and provide a more sterile environment which increased the survival rate of patients.

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