rate this poem – "who am i"?

i see all the hatred from every direction

yet i feel no fear

i see all the suffery on this precious planet

yet my purpose stays clear

people are running, hiding and crying

yet when they see me they stand still with no doubts in their hearts:

i will always be there, to guide, and was always here, right from the start

my message is this: NEVER GIVE UP, because i am always here

NEVER GIVE UP, because the truth is clear



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Update :

: i just wrote that hope SEE’s suffery, it has no connection to it “yet my purpose stays clear”

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  • Not bad, I like it.

  • Yeah, you are hope?

    It’s good. But for now, no.

    So just live. And keep having

    These things you call dreams.

    Keep having these goals, yes goals…

    Through out your life.

    It’s simply easy.

    Yes that’s what I think

    Maybe I am a fool.

    But I still don’t care

    Live. Please.

    Brainwashed by daily lives.

    And routines.

    Break them, Please.

    And laugh and communicate with other beings.

    Chit chat, Psychological Chit chat and then

    THEN, Psychological talk.

    True Talk.

    Then live.

  • Meh, Its Aight

  • Who am I?

    Am I who I will to be?

    Or am I who

    you will me to be?

    If I cant be

    Who I intended

    Will you intervene?

    Or is it

    I am who I am

    who I will to be.

    If I cant do it

    on my own

    May you be

    My other half.

  • I only have one question, “suffery”???

    Hope is a comforting emotion.

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