How do you get rid of an FBI virus?

I was listening to music when my computer got locked and there was an FBI message claiming I had gone to 21+ websites and that I have to pay a fine. I know it’s a scam, but I tried to fix it and the thing is it’s on my school computer. I don’t have the administrator password and I can’t find a way to fix it without one. Does anyone know a way to fix the problem without downloading anything or needing the admin account?

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  • Make or buy a live CD with antivirus. Trinity Rescue Disk boots Linux and starts a menu, you just scroll to antivirus and remove. It is best to have a Ethernet cable connection to your Internet, so the program can update and run.

    There are utilities to get admin password reset if you need it.

    It seems harder when you first look at it, but it really is not hard to use.

    There is no way to do this without the kit. Watch the video.

  • You’ve got hit with Scareware… Try booting from safe mode (press F8 while computer is booting) then load a restore point from an earlier date, also there are boot disks with AV on them, that might help. I hope you have a backup

    more info on scareware:

  • sorry. you will have to have admin take care of this.

  • Maybe go to the admin.

  • FBI virus???


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