How easy is it to link dreamweaver to mysql database and make a website?

I would like to make a website, something similar to yahoo answers. I have a degree in software engineering and am farily skilled at programming. I have made a website from scratch that is linked to a mysql db and uses php (For practice more than anything. Front end, I used very basic HTML. Does not look very good). I would like to create a website that others in the world could use and want to use. To make the interface, I think I would have to use dreamweaver (only one i’ve heard off, feel free to suggest others). Is it easy to link dreamweaver to mysql db? And if it is, how easy is easy? Also I am one man, is it feasible for myself to create a website like yahoo answers?

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  • It’s not really about linking Dreamweaver to MySQL, you wouldn’t upload Dreamweaver to your website now would you? What you have to do is either create a coding environment on your own computer, or buy some web hosting where they have already done this for you. In the second case you would then upload files to the web hosting using an ftp program.

    To do it yourself you would download Apache HTTP server, PHP and MySQL, as an example. You would then follow a tutorial to make it all work together. You need a server-side language like PHP to connect to the database on the server and return the data you need for the website. See the sources for a good tutorial I have always used for installation.


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  • Sounds good – same degree as me! Dreamweaver will help you colour your syntax but I personally don’t like it. I prefer not to use a WYSIWYG IDE and type all my HTML and CSS by hand as Dreamweaver tends to produce unnecessary code. I personally use Aptana Studio . Professional (free)

    Building something of this complexity yourself is a big ask but the simple concept is not that tricky.

    You can link DW to your database as long as the MySQL DB accepts connections from external machines. A lot of DB servers are not set-up to do this. You will probably find it easier using something like phpmyadmin to structure and administer your database.

    Hope this helps.

  • Howdy littlemiss. Your working on something I’ll be looking at, soon I hope. I haven’t had a chance to look much. I can say I would mark KomPozer off of my list real fast. Good luck. Keep me updated on what you find.

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    If you click here on the link you can download for free Dreamweaver

    You should definitly try it

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    Hope this helps.

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