Need an investor that understands medical staffing websites.?

Looking for an investor. Do you have any idea where I could find one? I am starting a medical staffing website called and need additional capital of about $,. I have already spent $, of my own money and need more capital to make this a viable business. What the site does in a nutshell is allow facilities the ability to search ,s of available healthcare providers and give them those search results in seconds, select the one they want and click confirm and that is it. They need to do nothing else, no phone calls to staff or agencies. The site is set-up to fill last minute holes in the schedule cause by call-ins, increase in patient census, etc. And when I say available healthcare provider I mean the site will search ALL available healthcare providers, full and part time staff, PRN, internal agencies, float pools and all outside agencies and give you those results in seconds for FREE and NO CONTRACTS to sign. Here is the link to the site,

Please do not say an angel investor groups because I have gone down that road many times. Angel investor groups are basically looking for an established company with proven results of profit looking to expand to new market and NOT a start up company.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. My main competitor is the phone right now and this new company trying to get started like mine except he does two things my does not; he charges the facilities and requires a contract. Also mine platform is still much faster. I already have a account. Here the link to this other company: and my gust account is

I, of course, have a business plan and all financials attached to my gust account.

Any suggestions? Please Help.


This investment is to be considered startup capital.

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  • I dont see why you need the capital. Website is up and running, all you need is marekting. That and the hosting should not cost as much as you say you need to get it going…far more sophiticated websites have be developed and cost much less.

    BUT there always someone willing to invest…you just have to find someone not so aware of how the internet works.

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