I need something translated in French (below) It’s for my book that I’m writing?

Here’s what I need translated:

On the night of the full moon

Expecting mothers should look at the sky

They shall not take their eye off

Until they’ve counted to ten

They shall count

And don’t blink then

For if they do-they shall surely miss

The number of children that nestle in their womb

They shall blink, just once more

Turn your head to the right

To see if it’s a boy or girl

By then they know

How many are inside

And the gender of their new family member

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  • Is this for a novel about a pregnant women ? That was my first thought . I ran your item through a translation website one line at a time . This is basically an English — to — French translation of your little ceremony . It’s the most accurate translation I could get . I don’t think there’s anything there that shouldn’t be . At first “expecting mothers” was translated as “foresee the mothers” . I know FOR A FACT that “les femmes enceintes” means “the pregnant women” . The word “devraient” shows up a few times in my translation . “Devraient” means “should” .

    Sur la nuit de la lune pleine

    Les femmes enceintes devraient regarder le ciel

    Ils ne devraient pas enlever leur oeil

    Jusqu’Ă  ce qu’ils ont comptĂ© Ă  dix

    Ils compteront

    Mais ils ne devraient pas clignoter

    Pour s’ils fait-ils manqueront sĂ»rement

    Le nombre d’enfants qui se blottissent dans leur utĂ©rus

    Ils clignoteront, juste une fois plus

    Tourner votre tĂȘte Ă  la droite

    Pour voir si c’est un garçon ou une fille

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    Par alors ils savent

    Sont combien d’Ă  l’intĂ©rieur

    Et le sexe de leur nouveau membre de famille

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  • It is always a bad idea to have poetry translated by amateurs. literal translations will be laughable and rarely mean the same things.

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