Please read my poem "Feel"?

I step back for a second

How do I really feel

My mind racing, heart in second

It’s still trying to heal

So my sights tripping me up

How do I really feel

Just trying to catch up

But they’re acting like I got a heart of steel

So my hearts heavy

And I don’t know how I feel

I just need someone to help me

This pains too real

Feel it when I wake

With me at night still

The feeling I can’t shake

Now the only thing I feel

So I sin just to have regret

See my shattered will

Is this game already set

But I reap what I sow, so I start to till

Work at a better me

No matter how I feel

Because nothing in this life’s free

Especially my sanity

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  • not bad, but could be a lot better

  • A lot of ppl could relate to dis its happening everyday…good poem

  • It’s a lovely poem.

    Thank you for posting it.

  • It needs music.


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